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Henscratch Farms Vineyard & Winery

980 Henscratch Road

Lake Placid, FL 33852

(863) 699-2060

Henscratch Farms Vineyard and Winery

Henscratch Farms Winery

Our Vineyard was planted in 1999. Today we have the best of "Big Fat White" & "Big Fat Black" fruit available for wine making and picking.

Muscadines & Scuppernongs were one of the most pleasant surprises found by the early colonists that settled the Southeastern United States. Native to the region and adapted to the climate, they are vigorous performers and steeped in southern tradition.

The big, fat grapes have a “musky” aroma and a thick honey taste. It’s hard to keep the nectar from dribbling down your chin. Many a southern conversation reminisces hot summer days amidst enormous canopies of vine and sweet fruit. Picked, crushed & fermented, we proudly celebrate this tradition, offering wines for any occasion.

Wine Available





Country White

Unmistakable, scuppernong style. musky, honey taste for chicken salad, roast pork, and catfish suppers.


Golden Sunrise

Dry white scuppernong, the white variety of muscadine, light,tart,crisp.


Foot Stomped

Semi-sweet wine, proudly stomped by diligent feet at the annual grapestomp.


Country Blush

Scuppernongs & muscadines blended for a more contemporary wine style. Clean semi-sweet taste. Cheesecake anyone?


Southern Magnolia

Our very own  Magnolia wine. A delightful vintage, Crisp, clean & semi-sweet.


Country Walk

Rich, fruity, red muscadine semi-sweet, bouquet of cherries.


Country Red

Sweet ole’ fashion fruity recipe to compliment southern stews, beef roasts and chocolate.


Red Sunset

Dry red muscadine full bodied slightly tart, hint of apples and pears.


Red Rooster

Blended varietal, bone dry, with hints of pepper & blackberry. Wine snobs only.


Country Blueberry

Semi-sweet Blueberry wine.


White Christmas

Amazing semi sweet, white scuppernong, strong grape nose, will appeal to everybody.


Blueberry Port

This port is 20% alcohol and is a great way to sip the night away. Made with fresh blueberries.


Raspberry Southern Sippin'

Wonderful noble muscadine wine sweetened with raspberries, fermented to 16%, this sippin wine is like no other, not for the amateur.


Country Raspberry

Semi-sweet Raspberry wine.


Strawberry Blush

This Strawberry wine has a very robust, sweet flavor. A perfect blend for cheesecake & friends.

Our Current Wine Selection

The Winery operation began with the first crush of muscadine & scuppernong grapes from our own vineyards in August 2003. Handpicked, and toted with care, the grapes where crushed into the primary fermenator boxes to await careful analysis and recipe completion.


Our first vats were bottled in November 2003. We produce seven styles of country style wines celebrating the taste of the south. The winery is housed in a converted agricultural grain bin. The metal bin has been outfitted with heavy timber beams, a second floor, guest viewing area, and an outside crushing porch.